Certification and Accreditation


The Management Academy Sida Group has obtained a certification for educational activities – UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificato No 130004


 The design and provision of managerial and professional training services are for businesses, public & private institutions and banks.

This certification assures users have a direct impact on the quality of training via compliance and control processes.

The objective is to ensure the participant to gain satisfaction through:

  • Interviews and meetings with public and private representative bodies, and the companies in the territorial economic structure.
  • Orientation by psychologists and specialized professionals to analyze the characteristics of graduates and analyze their predispositions through regular meetings
  • Training, skills assessment and certification of training credits to qualify students by questionnaires, specific activities, final exams, assistance and tutoring and organization of the placement/internship.


For the training in Marche, the compulsory quality certification presents and implements the training programs with public resources of European Community for

  • continuous training (projects dedicated to corporate human resources)
  • higher education (projects devoted to neo-graduates and undergraduates)
  • compulsory training (projects dedicated to whom may complete compulsory schooling)

With the resolution no. 62 of 17/01/2001, Marche has approved the regulation of Accreditation Device of training facilities in Marche – DAFORM – and with the resolution no.2164 of 18/9/2001, relative procedures were approved.

Marche has intended to reaffirm the importance of qualified vocational training, not only adapt the legislative constrains imposed by national provisions and communities. To meet the needs and aspirations of all youngsters and all adults, the region has reached the objectives of quality parameters for projecting users. It is necessary to ensure the quality regarding the complex issues, diversities and growth.

SIDA GROUP is also Accredited Organization in Emilia Romagna with the resolution n.1684 of 27/10/2014 for

  • continuous training (projects dedicated to corporate human resources)
  • higher education (projects devoted to neo-graduates and undergraduates)

SIDA GROUP has obtained the accreditation for the purpose of providing work services in Marche with DGR n.226/SIM of 10/06/2014. The accredited services are: demand and supply of labor match, specialized guidance and consultancy, work selection, extracurricular internship as well as in geographical mobility and support self-employment.